Arrowhead-Weston Transmission Line

PRW made the steps to get positive results

American Transmission Company (ATC), the first multi-state, transmission-only utility in the United States, would like to get public and state approval to build a 220-mile powerline in northern Wisconsin.
Educate the public, including the opposition, about transmission lines via open houses, newsletters, interactive Web site and meeting one-on-one with local leaders; partner with state department of natural resources (DNR) for land preservation and restoration; work with radio, television and newspaper media to spread message; and execute extensive strategic radio ad campaign.
Public Service Commission (PSC) approves construction of powerline and local economies get boost from construction crews; favorable public opinion increases, especially after seeing low impact to environment and benefits to having the line; newspaper and radio editorials express support of powerline.


Watch the video “From Concept to Completion”
Windows Media – 14:21