About Us

PRW is a full-service public relations firm, based in Madison Wisconsin, with expertise in media relations, crisis communications, social media, commercial art development, graphic/Web design, strategic communications Playbook design, executive training and project management expertise.

We are one of the country’s premiere strategic communications firm with a particular expertise in promoting critical infrastructure projects like wind farms, transmission lines, electric generation, roads and highways, high-capacity water wells and chemical-plant conversions.

Our record of success has helped our clients build more than $3 billion in new infrastructure improvements in the United States and Canada since 2005. We approach controversial projects much like a political campaign with scientific polling, demographic research, message testing, stakeholder recruitment, coalition-building and communication tools development.

PRW understands the political process and the important role it plays in proposed projects. The keys to success are understanding the “end game,” applying accurate political intelligence and articulating how your project benefits others (the public, elected officials and the impacted communities).

PRW has meaningful relationships in virtually every Wisconsin market – small, medium and large. Every staff member of PRW has worked in the news media in one capacity or another not just in Wisconsin, but across the United States and Canada, and therefore has a rich contact list of friends. These relationships factor prominently in newsroom intelligence, message development and story placement.