Joe Melloy

We’re amazed at what Joe Melloy does, and he does it insanely well. He came to PRW as an incredibly experienced and highly decorated graphic and multimedia designer. What makes Joe such a valued oddity is his uncanny ability to take a complex strategic conversation, interpret it and turn the interaction into an amazing array of products: new logos, interactive websites, audio, video and DVD production, original graphic designs and branding, print collateral campaigns, integrated communication systems and mobile apps.  He even does voiceover occasionally.

Joe has been doing computer graphics since the Reagan administration, attaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Philadelphia College of Art where he also studied film, animation, graphic design and painting.

Joe employed his new media design, audio production, soundtrack development, graphic design, animation, web development, programming, brand identity and video production at WWL-TV in New Orleans and KGO-TV in San Francisco, where he contributed to the production of Emmy Award-winning documentaries among other projects.

Joe is also a political enthusiast who understands the inner workings of media messaging as it relates to strategic communications, government affairs and grassroots efforts, which makes him a perfect fit for PRW. And if you think a guy named Joseph Patrick Christopher Melloy Jr. sounds just a little bit Irish, you’d be right.